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About Me

I'm a special educator passionate about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) with extensive experience delivering training and giving implementation guidance.


My story:

In 1988 I volunteered at a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities and so began the journey that has taken me along an interesting and diverse path. From camp counselor to Education Manager for a global AAC supplier, I have developed my knowledge in AAC and AT by working alongside and with many experts and experienced professionals in the special education and disability field.

I studied Special Education at a university in the United States where I focused on teaching students with complex disabilities, and I was first introduced to assistive technology. My classroom experience ranges from early primary to high school.  Through my use of AAC and AT in the classroom I was identified as an advanced skills teacher which enabled me to attend and deliver professional development courses where a specialisation in the use of graphic symbols to support learning and communication began.


My participation in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange program brought me to England where I taught at a special school and crossed paths with Widgit Software whom I went on to work with and more recently Tobii Dynavox. Working for both companies I have developed extensive experience creating, organising, and delivering training programs and opportunities for professionals and carers around the implementation of AAC and AT strategies and products. I also presented regularly at local, national, and international events and conferences.

To see my full CV please visit my LinkedIn profile here 

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